TigerCub 3D Flash LIDAR™ Camera

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ASC’s TigerCub is a compact, flexible, long range (>1000m), high performance, eye-safe, 3D flash LIDAR. The TigerCub generates real-time, 128×128, scene range and intensity maps or raw return signals at rates up to 30Hz (nominal 10Hz to 20Hz). An extensive collection ofinterchangeable Field of View (FOV) kits composed of lenses and diffusers provide theability to configure the TigerCub for a wide variety ofmapping, autonomy, and situational awareness applications.

The TigerCub 3D Flash LIDAR camera can be configured as a (a) standalone “sensor only” camera, using a user-supplied laser system or (b) combined with ASC’s Zephyr laser subsystem that would be integrated with the TigerCub into a single, small form factor camera.The Zephyr laser is offered in various laser energy output configurations, depending upon application requirements. The TigerCub cameras use ASC’s bayonet mount lenses for rapid lens changes. ASC currently offers 3°, 8.6°, 15°, 30°, 45° and 60° lenses which are ordered with a corresponding diffuser. The actual range achieved by the cameras is determined by (a) laser energy, (b) field of view of the lens, (c)concentration of the laser energy by diffuser and (d) the reflectivity of the targets.
  • Single pulse instantaneous frame capture
  • Co-registered Range & Intensity
  • Scalable fields of view and range
  • No moving parts
  • High angular and vertical resolution
  • High sensitivity (100m @ 10% albedo)s
  • High Range Accuracy
  • High Frame Rate (up to 25Hz)
  • Integrated Mounting Holes
  • Bayonet Lens Mount
Operating wavelength 1570 nm
Maximum Range Performance 200m to 9km*
Range Accuracy 5cm to 1% of range*
Format 128 x128
Pixel Pitch 100um
Maximum Frame Rate 30Hz Modes: Range & Intensity; Raw (pixel waveform); SULAR (Staring Unwater Laser Radar)
Range Gating Yes, provides the ability for the sensorto range through dust, smoke, fog, rain, and snow
Data Interfaces -Ethernet: 10/100; MAC based
-Camera Link: LVDS
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50C
Size 2.9”x 4.3”x 3.8”
Weight 1.6 lbs
Power 25W @24VDC
Accessories -Windows Laptop with TigerCub software(control, data acquisition, and 3D viewer)
-AC/DC Power Supply(110/120VAC to 24VDC) Module and Cable
-Ethernet Cable
-Laser Fire and Flash Fiber-optic Cables-Documentation (User Manual, Interface Control Document, EtherIO)

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Advanced Scientific Concepts LLC (ASC) is a leading provider of real time, global shutter, solid-state, 3D flash LIDAR (3DFL) ranging/imaging systems. Our 3DFL technology offers superior distortion free scene range/intensity mapping capabilities required for real time mapping, guidance navigation & control, situational awareness, tracking, and augmented reality applications.