Osprey 3D High Resolution Flash LIDAR

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The Osprey3D Flash LIDAR is the newest member to ASC’s 3D Flash LIDAR product line. The 32×128 element sensor generates real time, distortion free scene range and intensity maps for ranges up to 60 meters. The lightweight, compact, low power design is ideal for demanding robotic anddrone 3D mapping, tracking, and autonomy applications. In addition, the Osprey3D delivers key 3D Flash LIDAR technology benefits.
  • No moving parts. True solid-state design
  • Contiguous pixels: High horizontal and vertical resolution. No gaps
  • Co-registered real time range & intensity maps
  • No motion distortion
  • Imaging in Degraded Visual Environments (DVE) such as sun, fog, snow, dust, and rain
  • Can be synchronized with other sensors
  • Operates up to 30 Hz frame rate
Dimensions 84mm x 81mm x 50mm (70° lens; apprx.)
Weight (Camera Body only) ~500g
Storage Temperature -40ᵒC to 60ᵒC
Operating Temperature +10ᵒC to +40ᵒC (Max Performance)
-10ᵒC to + 50ᵒ(Reduced Performance)
Sensor Engine InGaAs PIN
Focal Plane Sensor Resolution 128 pixels x 32 lines (4096 total pixels)
Aspect Ratio 4:1 (128 x 32)
Max Range 60m (lens dependent)
Range 35m (within 0-60m)
Range Resolution (Single Pulse) 4cm + 1% of Range
Laser Safety Class Class I (eye-safe) per ANSI Z136 standard
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Laser Energy 1.8 mJ
Frame Rate <30Hz
Laser Pulse Width <5ns/td>
Supported Horizontal FOV 30°, 70°, 120°ᵒ
Pixel Data Output 20 Bits Range + 12 Bits Intensity
Data Interface UDP Ethernet (100Mb/s)
Software Interface FLMA (Windows) or ROS (Linux)
External Sync N/A
Electrical Interface 9 Pin MDM Connector
Power Supply 12V, 3A, 20W (maximum @ startup; ~13W nominal)

To inquire about this product, please contact: sales@asc3d.com


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Advanced Scientific Concepts LLC (ASC) is a leading provider of real time, global shutter, solid-state, 3D flash LIDAR (3DFL) ranging/imaging systems. Our 3DFL technology offers superior distortion free scene range/intensity mapping capabilities required for real time mapping, guidance navigation & control, situational awareness, tracking, and augmented reality applications.