GoldenEye Space 3D Flash LIDAR™

The GoldenEye 3D Flash LIDAR™ Space Camera is a lightweight (6.7 kg), small form factor instrument (14 cm x 20.6 cm x 16.5 cm) capable generating real time 3D point cloud images.A full array of 128×128 independently triggered pixels can be captured at frame rates up20 Hz. The camera generates real time range and intensity maps which consist of 16,300points. Typical space applications are autonomous spacecraft guidance, navigation & control operations, man-in-the-loop imaging, and situational awareness.
  • 128×128 3DFL FPA TRL8
  • Real time scene range and intensity
  • 5-20 Hz frame rate
  • 5 mJ 1064nm laser transmitter
  • User selectable transmitter FOVs
  • Radiation tolerant up to 100 K Rad (Si)
  • RS-422 / LVDS Interface
  • Real time camera telemetry
Range >6000m
Range Accuracy 5-10cm
Range Precision 10-20cm
Frame Rate up to 20 Hz
Wavelength 1570 eye safe laser
Laser Energy 5-10 mJ
Range Map Size 128x128x32
Intensity Map Size 128x128x8

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Product Selection Guide
Advanced Scientific Concepts LLC (ASC) is a leading provider of real time, global shutter, solid-state, 3D flash LIDAR (3DFL) ranging/imaging systems. Our 3DFL technology offers superior distortion free scene range/intensity mapping capabilities required for real time mapping, guidance navigation & control, situational awareness, tracking, and augmented reality applications.